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What We’re Building

**Capsule is building cross-app embedded wallet infrastructure.** With Capsule’s SDKs you can build wallets with the following functionality:

Capsule’s mission is to radically simplify interacting with blockchains. We envision a world where the internet is built around people, not corporate walled gardens. Where we are in control of our identities, data, and value and can bring ourselves across the digital world – sharing what we want, when we want, on our terms.

Why Capsule


Capsule is tackling hard problems like recovery and fraud at the transactions layer – the root of problem in crypto today.

Most experiences still do not work well and force users to self-manage dozens of wallets and seed phrases, a frustrating experience that increases the risk of security incidents. We believe innovation at this layer will pave the way for newer, more sophisticated applications built on blockchains.

If you’re passionate about fixing this, we’d like to meet you. We’re a team of experienced fintech and crypto builders united in a vision for a better on-chain future. We’ve built wallets, protocols, and products managing billions in volume. See more about our team here.

Excited about joining the team? Reach out at [email protected] with more about yourself + relevant links

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The Team